Shah Alam Nur :Country’s plastic industries have taken an initiative for expansion of their units to grab a big portion of international market, insiders of the export- oriented sector said.According to them, demand for Bangladeshi plastic products have been increasing thanks to more and more international buyers are shifting to Bangladesh from China and India.”We have planed to expand our production capacity to fulfil the international buyers’ demand”, Chairman of Thai Delux Plastic Ind KM Iqbal Hossain told The New Nation on Monday.He said demand for Bangladeshi plastic products is increasing to world market so we want to grab a big share of the market.Traditionally Bangladeshi plastic goods go to Japan, UK, Germany and other European countries but now export orders are coming from some new countries, he added. Kamruzzaman Kamal, Marketing Director of Pran-RFL Group said that his company is going to expand their production units.He said now many plastic goods exporters are going for high-value products to fulfil buyers’ demand.According to Bangladesh Plastic Goods Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BPGMEA), most of the big players including RFL, Bengal Plastic Industries Ltd, Talukder Plastic Company Limited, Tanin Bestware Plastic, Bengal Pacific (Pvt.) Ltd, F.H. International Ltd, and Unique Plastic Ind. Ltd. have also been stepping forward to expand their industries.Bangladesh exports plastic products including shopping bags, butcher bags, PVC pipe, polyethylene sheets, ball-points, tooth brush,STEEL CHAIRtoys, hanger, hand gloves, artificial flowers, table covers, computer accessories, waste baskets and wall clocks.The major destinations of local plastic products are Poland, China, India, Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Italy, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia and Hong Kong.Former President of BPGMEA Shamim Ahmed said that country’s plastic
goods exports to new markets rose significantly last year. He said they are now trying to grab the export markets in South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Japan, China, India, South Korea, Russia and Turkey. Country’s plastic goods makers seeing a lucrative market in new destinations are trying to catch those, he said.At present, there are about 5,000 plastic industries in the country of which 3,500 are small and 1,500 are medium-sized.Of the plastic factories, 65 per cent are located in Dhaka while 20 per cent in Chittagong, 10 per cent in Narayanganj and 5 per cent in Khulna, Comilla, Bogra and Rajshahi.

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